Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens Vintage Colours Set of 6


This Tombow Dual Brush Pen VIntage Colours set contains 6 versatile double tipped markers, originally designed for graphic artists but brilliant for modern and brush lettering.

If you’ve taken part in a Betty Etiquette Brush Lettering workshop, the Tombow ABT brush pens are the ones you’ll have used.

  • Each has two tips: a fine one that’s perfect for details and a flexible brush.
  • The brush is durable yet soft for creating fine, medium or broad strokes, and is also ideal for filling larger areas with colour.
  • The ink inside the pens won’t bleed, and is odourless and acid-free.
  • Since it’s water-based, you can blend the colours, just as you would with watercolour paint.