Wholesale FAQs

If you have any questions about ordering Betty Etiquette products for wholesale, you can always contact us or drop us an email. Hopefully the following FAQs will also help you along the way.

Why do I need an account?
Wholesale customers have access to different products and prices than our other customers. Your wholesale account makes it easier for us to give you the information you need and to make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible.

How do I place an order?
Once you've logged in, you'll have access to our Wholesale catalogue and online order form. These are the quickest and easiest ways to place an order with us. Look at for the (Trade) marker in each product title to be sure you're ordering from our wholesale range.

Can I order offline?
Yes! We're still happy to take orders using a paper order form or via our Excel price list. You can download these from our Wholesale area and email, fax or post them back to us. We've experimented with carrier pigeon but the price of bird seed currently makes this option too expensive.

What happens next?
If you've ordered online, you'll receive an email straight away just to let you know we've received your request. This isn't an order confirmation.
However you place your order, we'll reply within 3 working days (usually sooner) with an order confirmation and your payment invoice. At this point we'll also provide a delivery timescale and confirm any carriage costs for international orders or UK orders under £150.

How do I pay?
We ask for payment in advance from new customers. For all subsequent orders we're happy to offer 30 day payment terms. You'll receive an invoice with our order confirmation. We're happy to accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

How long will my order take?
Once we receive your order we'll reply within 3 working days (usually sooner) with an order confirmation and your payment invoice. At this point we'll also provide a delivery timescale. For most UK orders this will be 5-7 working days, but it can vary depending on the size of your order and the time of year. We're a family run business and you deal with us directly, so we aim to be as responsive to your needs as we can be.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We're very happy to work with international partners - our products are on sale as far afield as New Zealand and Dubai.
Lead times will be longer for most international orders. Carriage will be payable on all orders and the wholesale customer will be responsible for any taxes or import duties.

Do you have a minimum order?
Our minimum wholesale order is £100. Carriage is paid for UK orders over £150.

I've seen a product that's not included in your Wholesale area. Can I order it?
As we phase out and introduce our ranges you might see something available in our public shop that's not available for wholesale. This is usually because we're running stock down and can't guarantee sufficient quantities for wholesale customers.
If you've seen something you like, but can't find it in our Wholesale area, contact us or drop us an email. We'll do what we can to help!

I'm interested in running in-store creative workshops. Can you help?
We'd love to! Join the likes of Liberty, the V&A, Cass Art and the London Graphic Centre in hosting an in-store workshop by Betty Etiquette. They're a great way to build local publicity, reward loyal customers or introduce new products.
Our Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering workshops are a fun and inclusive way to get started with the increasingly fashionable creative trend. We can also offer bespoke workshops tailored to your needs.
Contact us or drop us an email to find out more - or add our Workshops (Trade) product to your wholesale order and we'll get in touch.

Where are your products made?
All our products are designed in the UK by Rebecca Cahill Roots and produced in the UK by a collection of partners we've built strong relationships with. You can find more specific details on each of the product listings in the catalogue in our Wholesale area.

Do you offer sale and return?
We're unable to offer sale and return. All orders are final. Any cancellations or variations must be made within 2 working days of the receipt of your order confirmation and invoice.