Kid Etiquette Calligraphy Club

Kid Etiquette Calligraphy Club

Join me for a Thursday morning creative adventure with the FREE Kid Etiquette Calligraphy Club.

Every Thursday at 10am for as long as it’s useful, I’ll be running a short children’s workshop and setting you a calligraphy challenge!  After telling you more about my work and techniques, I’ll show you two different lettering styles to get to grips with. The workshop will last 15 mins and is available to watch again at anytime on IGTV or Facebook.

Once you've watched the task it’s over to you and your brilliant imaginations.

Tag your work on Instagram or post on the Betty Etiquette Facebook with #kidetiquette by 4pm on the following Sunday for your chance to win a fantastic @royaltalensuk Bruynzeel children’s art material prize bundle. A surprise guest judge will choose a winner each week!

Bryunzeel Prizes from Royal Talens include...

12 Super Points Felt Tips with magic pen
8 Kids Wax Crayons
6 Kids Glitter Felt Tips
12 Kids Watercolour Paint Set

To make this accessible for all, you won’t be using nib and ink or calligraphy pens, you’ll be learning decorative lettering styles using the kind of pens everyone can already find easily in their own houses.

What you will need:

  • Sheets of paper or a notebook for practicing
  • Card for your final projects – this can be cereal boxes, cardboard boxes or sheets of card.
  • Colouring pens, crayons, or colouring pencils.
  • A ruler, eraser and pair of scissors.
  • If you have a printer you can download the free Kid Etiquette guide sheets each week from the Betty Etiquette website available from 7pm the night before. But if not they will be displayed on screen so you can pause the video to study them.

Who’s it for?

This free children’s workshop is for anyone who fancies trying some calligraphy. There will be ideas for children 4+ just starting to get to grips with their letters and some activities will be aimed older children up to 11 years who are already accomplished artists in the making.

I really hope you’ll come join the club!

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