Modern Lettering Workbook by Rebecca Cahill Roots


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Modern Lettering: A Guide to Modern Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering

A gorgeous calligraphy guide and modern lettering workbook created by Rebecca Cahill Roots. Learn calligraphy letters and contemporary alphabets, with illustrated worksheets and practical projects.

Learn the basic techniques of hand lettering, brush script and calligraphy alphabets. Create and practice your own modern calligraphy and hand-lettering styles. Pick up tips about the best materials and equipment to feed your creativity. Uncover the history of calligraphy with unexpected facts about the letters we use today.

Feeling crafty? Modern Lettering includes 13 inspiring calligraphy projects to put your new skills to use. Design your own wedding invitations, place cards and seating plans. Revive old crockery. Create perfect kids party bags. And more.

Want to get started straight away? Add our Modern Calligraphy Essentials Kit to your order. It contains Rebecca's selection of the best starter materials for calligraphy.

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